Gana (Myangna) Ming

I am an NCTJ-qualified journalist, video producer, and editor. 

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What Does It Really Feel Like Living and Studying in Sheffield As an International Student?

First episode of Forge TV international student interview series is here! See how Max, who is from Germany, think about living and studying in Sheffield!

University of Sheffield Student Union owns the copyright of relevant images and footage.

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Stop Saying Nihao to Me

Saying Nihao to Asians is the first indication of racial microaggression if you assume all Asians are Chinese. Donggil Kim and Gana Ming discuss how it could be the catalyst of radical racism.

I came to study in the UK in 2019 in Brighton. Back then, it was rare to see others saying Nihao to me, though when they did, it was mostly because they wanted to be friendly. I usually explained to them patiently about my nationality.

However, Covid came in 2020 and so did all the discrimination and ins

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